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June 17, 2005


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Arnie is the only cat who has ever gone willingly into a harness and actually gone outside. Jackson refused the harness and spent many hours watching Arnie trot along the driveway. I guess it depends on how badly they want to go out.


We have one of those cat harnesses, too. Whenever we've put it on one of our cats, we end up with a stationary, belly-pressed-to-floor cat. Your photos of Arnie happily enjoying the outdoors on leash make me think I should try again.


"Conjoined" cat? Too funny.


ok, that's hysterical.


I love cats. Growing up we had a lon-haired Siamese Cat (actually I think it's more correct these days to say "Conjoined" Cat).

My wife, however, is deathly allergic to cats. She's deathly allergic to Earth, I think.

So, we have two Bichons and zero cats.

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