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August 24, 2005


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I just read that book! now the kids are reading it.


Thanks for the picture and the kind thoughts! Have you gotten around to reading "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime" yet? Well, I'm glad that this poodle is alive; I like that you mirrored the cover art of the book by posting the photo upside-down.


Thanks Joanna. What a cool idea, and what a great gift.


why, thank you! what a sweet surprise. one of the things I pulled out of the sealed room in our house in Israel is the quilt album. I'll see what I can do to post some pictures!

Adjunct Kait

That's too bad that it didn't work out this summer. Some other bloggers wanted to join us too, but I think it was a busy time for everyone.
So, next time you're up here (if I'm still in the country) or I'm down there, we do need to get together! =)


Hey Nels, I was kidding, really. My Conn trip was too filled with family biz to leave much room for youse guys. Paul and I were amazed to find a Meriden (population 1) in Wyoming. A Torrington, too.

Bob, I'll check Grandma's camphor chest, but I don't think it has the dimensions of Felix the Cat's bag of tricks. But there is much more to unload, so I'll keep you posted.

Mike, the question is not whether you'd spend your whole paycheck, but could you return anything that didn't fit?

And Derek, yeah, there are good Subways out there, but I've always chuckled at your revision of their logo, so voila.


Got a 59 Cadillac with fins the size of a tail on a 747 in there for me? Prefer a 2 door but sedans are more practical ;)


I told Kait to let me know!


Thanks, Joanna! If I only knew how to get there, I'm sure I'd spend my entire paycheck on their merchandise.


Thank you! I love the idea of Cybergifts. Very nice. I actually had Subway one time since my complaint-filled entry, and it was much better.

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