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Thanks for the introduction, Sam.

Leslie Simone Byrd

Thanks for submitting this as an idea for the MAWSA conference. I was marginally interested in blogging before, but am more interested in it now, and want to develop a blogging section on my own personal website.


Very, VERY nice, and I'm enjoying the session! It's a shame you couldn't be here, but Joanna's doing a bang-up job. :-)


Hi Samantha - Sorry you couldn't be here today, but the wonders of the Web allow you to participate anyway!

I appreciate your thoughts on blogging and look forward to becoming a part of this circle.



oh, my.

Thank upi/


you, that was. Typepad comments don't work well for me.

Paula Coleman-Hollins

I've just recently started blogging, too. I must say it's quite addictive!

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